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Please take a look at our 2019 Christmas Price and Pitch list for further details on sites and payment (NB: each site is colour coded for easy reference on the site map)

The 2019 Christmas Fair Site Map shows the market sites across the town, marked by colour so its easy to reference back to the Price and Pitch list for full details.


Please fill in all the fields and attach any relevant pictures to help us understand your products and company. If offering street food, please attach a suggested festival menu. 

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Describe your company and brand in maximum 150 words. This is your opportunity to help us get to know you. Tell us why you are passionate about what you make or do. Let us know how your produce fits our 3 key criteria of 'quality, taste and sustainability'.
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Please select which category your product best fits into. If its more than one, just let us know in the Product Description box.
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Please describe your produce in 150 words maximum; what do you make or grow, why do your products stand out above others and what products will you be selling at the festival if successful? Think about how it fits our key selection criteria of "quality, taste, sustainability" and what seasonal, festive offerings you will be selling.  NB: This description may appear in our Festival Guide.

Please also detail 3 products you would sell at the event and give retail prices.

Would you be willing to send product samples to the Selection Panel? *
A Selection Panel takes place on Thursday 13th June 2019 at the Festival offices. Whilst not compulsory, we would strongly encourage any traders (except street food where an attached menu will suffice) with new products, new businesses or traders who haven't traded with us before to send product samples to assist the Selection Committee.
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I am a Welsh ProducerI am a Small Producer (turnover less than £20k per year)
Are you a regular food or drink trader at the local Abergavenny Markets throughout the year?
If yes, please indicate which you regularly trade at. This helps us to get a bigger picture of local businesses applying.
Antiques FairArtisan MarketCraft FairFlea MarketGeneral Market
Awards Info
Have you won any awards in the past 3 years?  If so, we would love to know which ones. (Awards are not a pre-requisite for acceptance)
Please state which EHO you are registered with (if applicable)
Please state your Food Hygiene Rating

All stallholders handling food are required to have an acceptable Food Hygiene rating of no less than 3* and must be registered with the local EHO. You will be required to submit a copy of your Food Hygiene Certificate or equivalent Food Safety/EHO registration documentation if selected.  

NB: If you do not have 3* rating or above, or haven’t applied for a re-score with your local EHO if your rating is lower than 3*, then please do not apply to the festival. Our local Welsh EHO externally follows-up all certification. Any trader found not to have the relevant paperwork in place will be prevented from trading, and no refund will be issued against any fees paid.  

! If you are awaiting a Food Hygiene/EHO inspection & not yet rated, please tell us your inspection date or details of registration for an inspection below
Sustainability: Please tell us what packaging & disposables you will be using *
The festival has a no single-use plastic policy for 2019. Please read the 2019 Sustainability Policy for more info.

Feel free to tell us more about your Sustainable Policy here if you like - we are always keen to work with & learn from traders with strong sustainable food systems.
Will you be cooking on your stall?
Either for samples or catering purposes.
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If cooking on your stall, which fuel will you use?
Please indicate whether gas, electricity or other. 
Are you a New Business? *
* New business must be less than 2 years old with a turnover of under £20,000 per year. 
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Electricity Requirements *
Whether or not you need electricity will affect your site allocation; some areas have no electricity. See 2019 Christmas Price and Pitch list for more details. 
I do not require electricityI require electricity
If Wi-fi is available, would you be interested in purchasing a connection? *
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Are you applying for space for a Chiller van or Unit?
If available, chiller hook-up costs £70 (in addition to any other electricity requirements), and spaces are very limited and will be allocated on first come, first served basis in nearby car park locations within walking distance, but not on the same site as your market allocation, so we would encourage you to use a smaller fridge unit that can be contained within your pitch where possible. 
Yes   No
If applicable, please give full dimensions of any chiller van or unit you would like to bring
Please note: We have very little space for chiller vans and cannot guarantee availability. While all spaces are within walking distance of all market sites, they may not be close to your site so smaller refrigeration options that can fit within your pitch dimensions are encouraged.
Stall Allocations
The Festival cannot guarantee to accommodate your preference. Please see the Christmas Site Map 2019 for market locations. 
I am happy to leave my allocation to Abergavenny Food FestivalI would like a double stall if available I would like to bring my own marquee or unit & can't trade from a festival marqueeI would like to bring my own marquee or unit but could trade from a festival marquee
List TOP 3 market sites preferred
Please note: that whilst all preferences will be considered, they cannot be guaranteed and the festival reserves the right to change the site plan at our discretion. 
If applying to bring own marquee/unit, please supply full details and accurate dimensions
Please provide a full description of your marquee/unit with full measurements (i.e stall depth, frontage width & height, including tow-hitches, total footprint once opened up for serving etc..). There are limited spaces for own units so please consider using a festival supplied marquee.
Please upload a photo or floor plan of your proposed own marquee or unit to help your application
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By submitting this application form you are agreeing to comply with all our Christmas Fair Terms and Conditions so please read them carefully before ticking this box.
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